Were You Accused of Fraud or Stealing Money?

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The Kirton Law Firm practices white-collar crime law in Hempstead, New York. We understand how stressful your situation is and how quickly you want to resolve it. Our lead attorney is committed to helping you put your legal matter to rest. You can count on us to fight your charge aggressively.

Contact us today to arrange for white-collar criminal defense service in Hempstead, New York. We also serve residents of New York City and Long Island.

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The Kirton Law Firm will handle your case with care. We'll draw from our extensive legal experience to determine the best way to settle your issue. Being accused of a white-collar crime can:

  • Cause others to view your business negatively
  • Harm or destroy your reputation
  • Put emotional and financial strain on your family

While the outcome of your case may be uncertain, you can rest assured we'll provide you with exceptional white-collar criminal defense services. If possible, we'll work hard to negotiate a plea bargain to reduce your sentence or drop the charge.

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